Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on Monday, 28 May 2012
What is Millennium Challenge Account?

The Milennium Challenge Account (MCA) is a fund which was established by the Government of the United States of America in 2004. The Fund support development effort of countries that have demonstrated a genuine desire and introduced reforms aimed at developing strong and sustainable economy, and improving quality of life and social well being of their people. Eligible countries are given the responsibilities to develop own compact proposals in line with MCC guidelies and an agreed set of criteria.

What is Millennium Challenge Corporation?

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an organization established in 2004 by the Government of the United States of America to administer the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Fund. The overall mission of the MCC is to manage effectively the MCA fund by supporting countries programmes that show capacity to reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth. The establshement of the MCA fund and the MCC fulfills President's Bush's Monterrey commitment to provide greater resources to countries taking greater responsibility of their own development by ruling justly, investing in people and promoting economic freedom.
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