Current Progress Of Civil Works: Water Sector Projects

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 October 2013

As of September 2013, the main activities carried out on site by the Contractor are as follows:

 = Mafiga Water Treatment Plant: Mechanical and electrical installations of sludge pumps, backwash pumps, vacuum pumps, compressed air station and air blowers. Testing and procurement of filter media. Cabling and electrical installations for filter control consoles, vacuum breaking equipment and sludge extraction system. Commissioning visit of Degremont (South Africa). Remedial work.

 = Mafiga Treated Water Pumping Station and Transformers: Completion of the installation of the main control panel. Installation of the third high-lift pump. Low level protection for the high-lift pumps. Preparation for commissioning of the Surge Tank. Remedial work.

= Chamwino and Tumbaku Reservoir: Rehabilitation of the existing DN500mm and DN400mm watermains between Mafiga WTP, Chamwino and Tumbaku Reservoir. Remedial work.

= Mambogo: Siteworks at the Intake Structure. Final pour of the 100m3 Elevated Tank. Preparation for testing of the Treated Water Pipeline.

= Mambogo Water Treatment Plant: Block walls and plastering. Signing of nominated sub-contract (NSC) with Degremont. Assisting Degremont with site set up. Internal finishes. Siteworks for sludge facilities. Remedial work.

= General: Structural assessments, the delivery of equipment and materials, the ordering of imported materials, the sourcing of local materials, the process, structural, mechanical and electrical design work and the preparation of submissions.

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