Transport Activities

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mainland Trunk Roads.

The Project includes rehabilitation of three trunk roads on the mainland:

1. Tanga – Horohoro, a 65 km stretch of highway in northeast Tanzania connecting the seaport of Tanga with Horohoro at the Kenyan border whose rehabilitation will ease transport of goods between Dar es Salaam and Kenya,

2. Tunduma – Sumbawanga, a 224 km stretch of highway in western Tanzania, a very fertile agricultural area, constituting the southernmost part of the Western Corridor representing the only link between Dar es Salaam and Zambia, and

3. Mtwara Corridor, a 145 km stretch of highway in southwestern Tanzania, the westernmost part of the Southern Corridor that runs from the Indian Ocean port of Mtwara to Mbamba Bay on Lake Nyasa.

o Namtumbo - Songea Road (61km)

o Peramiho - Mbinga Road (78.0km)

Zanzibar Rural Roads.

The Project includes Upgrading/Construction of up to five (5) rural roads on Pemba Island, totaling approximately 35 km to Bitumen Standards.

  • Mzambarauni - Takao Pangani Finya Road (8.3km)
  • Mzambarauni - Karimu Mapofu Road (8.3km)
  • Bahanasa Daya Mtambwe Road (13.1km)
  • Chwale Road (2.0km) and
  • Kipangani - Kangagani Road (3.0km)

Road Maintenance.

The Project includes enhancement of Tanzania’s capacity to maintain its road network. Specifically, this activity will support improvements in institutional capacity for strategic maintenance planning, and management of routine and periodic maintenance contracts of Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) for the mainland and the Ministry of Communications and Transport for Zanzibar.

Mafia Island Airport.

The Project includes provision of necessary aviation and public safety related facilities at the airport on Mafia Island, which is located off the east coast of Tanzania, approximately 135 km southeast of Dar es Salaam. Due to the poor condition of the airport and lack of feasible alternative transportation options, this activity will keep the airport open and prevent the island’s residents from being cut off from the mainland. The activity also includes provision of technical assistance to the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) for implementation of the activity and maintenance planning.

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