The Transport Sector

Last Updated on Monday, 28 May 2012
i) Tunduma to Sumbawanga Road;
The MCC funding for this activity will be used to up-grade from gravel todouble bituminous surfacing, a stretch of 224 km from Tunduma town at the Zambian boarder to Sumbawanga town in South West Tanzania.

ii) Namtumbo to Songea and Peramiho - Mbinga Road segments;
Major works funded by MCC include upgrading from earth to double bituminous surfacing two sections of the Mtwara Corridor, in Southern Tanzania, consisting of:-
a) 61 km stretch between Namtumbo and Songea and
b) 78 km stretch from Peramiho junction to Mbinga.

iii) Tanga to Horohoro Road;
The MCC funding is intended to upgrade from gravel to asphalt concrete a stretch of 68 km of highway connecting Tanga and Horohoro at the Kenyan border.

iv) Pemba Island Rural Roads;
A total of 34.7 Km of rural roads in Pemba Island in Zanzibar will be rehabilitated. The following are the selected roads:-
a) Mzambarauni Takao to Finya Road (8.3 km)
b) Mzambarauni Karimu to Mapofu Road (8.3 km)
c) Bahanasa to Daya to Mtambwe Road (13.1 km)
d) Chwale ‚ Kojani Road (2 km)
e) Kipangani ‚ Kangagani road (3 km)

v) The Mafia Island Airport;
The mafia Island Airport will be rehabilitated and up-graded as follows:-
a) Refurbishment of the runway, apron and taxiway,
b) Establishment of boundary security,
c) Refurbishment of fire station,
d) Refurbishment of terminal building and its water supply, and
e) Installation of communication equipment.
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