Management Unit

Last Updated on Friday, 22 June 2012

The Management Unit is headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is responsible for overall management of the Compact and day to day activities of MCA-T. The CEO is assisted by two Deputy CEOs; one comes from Zanzibar and the other from Tanzania mainland. The 3 top posts of CEO and the two Deputies are presidential appointment and that is in consistent to the existing GoT Public Service regulations with regard to the appointment of Heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

To facilitate Compact implementation, MCA-T is composed of full time employee recruited through an open and competitive recruitment process. These include Director of Finance and Administration; General Counsel; Internal Auditor; Director of Transport Projects, Director of Energy Projects; Director of Water Projects; Director of Procurement; Director of Environment and Social Impact, and Director of Monitoring and Evaluation. Below the Directors are senior, middle, and junior members of staff.There are supporting staff in the positions of office administrator, secretaries, registry/record assistants, receptionist, drivers, messengers and office attendants. As of June 2011, MCA-T has 48 staff (44 Mainland and 4 Zanzibar).

The MCC in Tanzania consists of the Resident Country Mission, comprised of a Resident Country Director and the Deputy Resident Country Director. The MCC Resident mission has the advisory role to the implementation of the Compact.

How MCA-T operates
The Millennium Challenge Account -Tanzania (MCA-T) is an independent entity established to manage the implementation of the funds.MCA-T works under the supervision of the Governing Board which has decision- making authority over implementation of the program.

Apart from being a legal and an autonomous entity, MCA-T operates under the Ministry of Finance. It engages other entities within the GoT and GoZ to implement some of the compact projects/activities on its behalf. These entities are known as "Implementing Entities" for the compact program.

Through Implementing Entity Agreements (IEAs) negotiated and signed with MCA-T, they agree to assume a set specified responsibilities related to implementation. The Implementing Entities for this compact are:- TAA, TANESCO,TANROADS, MoCT, DAWASA, MORUWASA.

There is also a fiscal Agent (Accountant General Office) and Procurement Agent (Crown Agent). MCA-T also collaborates with NEMC: ZDoE, ZECO and Regional Consultative Committees (RCC) in mainland and Regional Development Committee (RDC) in Zanzibar.

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